What Leather Means To Me

Leather is a powerful and mysterious word in itself. Black Leather is even more mysterious and powerful. Black Leather sparks the imagination and symbolizes strength, that overpowering raw power, and a seductive, yet powerful masculine figure. However, here we enter the fearful mystery of Dominance & Submission. 


There is something about the way Leather looks feels, smells, and tastes. I experience the rush one gets when I put Leather on and feel the tightness against my skin, that feeling of power I get with the response of those who see me and my friends and their unconscious reaction. When I got my first pair of harness cowboy boots, I found them sexually exciting. And when I put them on, I felt that there was no better feeling, until I bought a pair of motorcycle boots. I then knew I was hooked. My dad was a lifer in the military and it was my job to give my dad's boot's that mirror spit shine. I developed a contempt for that see your self shine, until I realized the power and meaning of the shine itself. Throughout the ages, the use of Leather in the military has had a strong, subliminal impact on both those wearing the Leather and the people observing it. My eyes are always drawn to the Leather strap worn over the shoulder across the chest connecting to a broad Leather belt. As uniforms go, does it serve a purpose, or is it more a symbol of authority? 

Throughout our history, Leather has been a symbol of power. When people see a man or a woman dressed in Leather, they unconsciously give them authority and a form of power over them, as if they are someone who is to be honored and yet be feared at the same time. The omans, Greeks and Spartans wore protective Leather for travel and in battle. The Gladiator garb to this day is worn with pride by many. I remember my younger days going to the movies to watch Greek Myths and Gladiator flicks. I have a special place in my heart for a well-built man in complete Gladiator garb. With imagination you can blend the amour with the Classic Black Leather look. 

In today's gay society, Leather plays an integral part in some of our lives. There is more than one type of Leather Social Group. We now not only have the Classic Black Leather, but we list the fetishes such as Uniform, Western, etc? We also include the styles, rules and regulations of New Leather and Old Guard. I mention this because even though I follow the Old Guard traditions, I respect the New Leather traditions, as most New Leather has agreed to respect the Old Guard traditions. 

A man in a black Leather motorcycle jacket, vest and chaps is a strong symbol of the ultimate in masculinity. He is rugged, powerful and strong. Depending on how it's worn, and the style, the symbolism creates an image. The image, both of the observers, and of the wearer can create visions of power and authority. Just how that power is to be used or applied can send many a mind reeling from reality to all forms of fantasy fulfillment. 

I can not speak for all of the fetishes, just those that apply to me. By now it may be obvious that aside from black Leather, I tend to lean to the Western and Uniform sector of Leather, which leaves the one fetish in common, BOOTS - western, mountain, police motorcycle, and military boots. There is something erotic about seeing a man wearing those tall, shiny black Leather boots, boots that come up to his knees. It is not by accident that the military chooses certain styles of boot to convey an image. 

Coming from a military family, I can personally say that shiny black boots are not designed for the rugged outdoor experience, but there is no question that they convey power and authority. However, that power is used for control, forced abuse, punishment, and yes, gentleness.