Some basics of a DADDY/boy relationship

The bond of the Daddy-boy relationship comes out of a deep mental and emotional need to bridge the gap between the older and younger gay men, through the art of mentoring, there-by creating a bond that strengthens the fragile connection created by the generation gap. 
During my initiation into the Leather community, I was taught that you are to mentor at least one new person in the Leather Community in knowledge and skill to replace yourself. There is one aspect to this concept- the desire to pass on the stories, share experiences, teach sexual skills and wisdom that the vanilla (mainstream) and straight society would be happy to disown and destroy. 

Too often young men have to struggle alone with the questions "Am I alone in my feelings" "What does it mean to love another man?" How will being gay effect the rest of my life?" "Is it okay to be turned on by Leather?" 

The Daddy-boy relationship is a form of mentoring. What's important is that a boy is being nurtured, is being taught how to receive sexual pleasure, how to bond with another man, and also is being taught how to reciprocate with pleasure from that which he is taught. 

When someone says: 'I am Daddy Jon's boy', he is not advertising irresponsibility, i.e., a bad boy, who gets to go around, always misbehaving. He is telling you that he has an established role that he has chosen. It is a statement of pride, a badge of honor, and membership in an elite group. To suggest that violence and insecurity are the key elements of the Daddy-boy relationship is the greatest misconception one could have. Even during role-plays, the boy never intentionally is a "bad boy." There is a subtle erotic dividing line between being spanked or whipped, and being disciplined. The essence of masculinity in the Daddy-boy bond is the choice to be gentle or to show dominance, or both, to care and nurture the young, to devise rites of passage and to train them to pass through the rites successfully. The Daddy will provide for them, even in a time of strife. The boy is encouraged to work hard, and to perform well. The Daddy will teach him how to deal with problems and prepare for emergencies, and teach him how to deal with them, courageously and effectively. He must teach him to mount a defense and, to do what is necessary when protecting the people who are depending on you. This is the bond between Daddy and boy. It is not unheard of for there to be a long-term relationship with Daddy and his boy, but the idea is to let the boy grow and become the man he is destined to be. 

It is true that some boys will never make that leap. However, if the Daddy trained and prepared the boy well, he may not be the Daddy\Master that his mentor was, but he can guide and advise as the older brother or slightly older uncle