One mans opinion

Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. I will spare you the jests about opinions because I personally feel that all opinions are valid as long as it is the opinion of that person and not of the spoon fed variety, where they can't even get the buzz words right. Let alone the concept of the idea that is being drilled at them. 

Opinions are neither right or wrong. It is exactly that an opinion. However an open mind must be maintained if you are going to have an opinion because the data used to form the opinion may not be complete. New data being introduced as well as the source of the new data should be taken into consideration before you alter any opinions you may have. All sides should be considered. Don't be afraid to change your opinion, to do so is not a sign of weakness. 

Your opinions are based on your personal experiences starting from your earliest memories. Many of us will share similar situations. Depending on the variables will determine the out come, there by forming a opinion of the subject. 

Society has made it easy, to be accepted you just have to follow the opinion of the current Norm. That dose not mean you agree or disagree it just means you openly go along with the program. 

There is no acceptable Leather Norm. To speak of. We are all a product of our past. That is our contribution to the Leather Lifestyle. We want to be different and we want the world to know that we are different. There are those few who want the Mainstream to get a chance to know us. They want the rest of the world to see that we are not much different than they are. The seek acceptance. First of all we are gay and into leather. 

We do things that the mainstream can not even in there wildest fantasy's imagine. Leather for some is a matter of being. They incorporate all that they learn with every aspect of their being. For these people everything seems to come naturally because for them it is. 

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 Michael Holeman
Mama’s Military Man
Birthday: August 18

I was born in Houston, Texas and raised as a “Military Brat. In the late 70’s, I volunteered as a night-time coordinator at the Gay Community Center on Grove St.  My first introduction in the South of Market Leather scene was when I agreed to meet a friend at the Arena.  Before I knew it I was sold on the auction block and purchased by Master Jon.

I met Jay Hemphill (Mama’s Leather Tech) South of Market in January, 1989 and in June, had a commitment celebration to each other.  We were married in Toronto 10/12/2003
Hobbies: Video games, collectibles and traveling