Vampires, Werewolves and Witches Oh My 

I have heard just about every argument on why we can not get along . To be honest with you I don't can’t see taking the train of thought to the bank and drawing interest. 

Truth be told I was under the impression that Werewolves were considered as pets. It wasn't till I met a Werewolf that I was informed that they are guardians. My first instinct was to pat him on his and say “who's a good boy”. Let's not forget a rose is a rose. Guard wolf/Guardian/pet it was nice talking semantics. 

My mind has been widened to many aspects of the community. I still have the urge to pet and collar feral Werewolves even though it has been made clear to me as a Guardian, I can trust he will protect me with his life. 

I will not try and pretend I understand all there is to know about the Magical community. I knew I had abilities beyond the Veil as a young lad but didn't understand what and why. It wasn't till I was welcomed by the Vampire community that I felt my world opening. I always got along with the North West American Witches. We shared the same public spaces and many celebrations. I have been made aware that it's not safe to grant certain freedoms to Werewolves. I have assured them that not all Werewolves are feral. It was not till I moved to Florida I was even aware of Werewolf clans. This knowledge gives me an opportunity to meet and confirm the information presented to me.