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Your Cosmic Shield

 The best way to learn anything is by visualization. This particular lesson will be a step by step way of how I was taught how to weave the Elements. 
When you get a chance I recommend you go to a Craft Shop. 

List of items: Primary: 

Multi-Color/regular stretchy cord Multi-Color Day-Glo Rexlace Multi-Color Day-Glo Pony Beads Macramé for beginners Rexlace Instruction Guide 

When finances allow: 

Large Cork Board or Cork square that you can cut.( FYI you can use wood or foam board as well ) Small Charms that you are drawn to. these well be placed on the shield. Pick the ones that best fits to the widest possible latitude that your creative inspiration will allow that fits the definition of each of the five sections (from now on when ever you travel buy a small charm that best represents the place you are visiting) Gem stone beads 

I prefer Felt and Leather but you can use any material you would like as long as you use the five elemental colors. Raw Silk is considered best but I never cared for the colors available. The next best is Satin but most colors are too pastel for my taste. Silver beads Gold beads and Pewter beads 

The Shield: can be shaped anyway you chose, the most important thing is to divide it evenly in five sections. it can be as simple as below or as complex as the  Star Tetrahedron.


The Star Tetrahedron in the Cube

1.This section represents you personally
2.This section represents your hobbies and interests 
3.This section represents your past (be honest here even the things you wish to forget) 
4.This section represents your accomplishments, be sure to include that which you have overcome 
5.This section represents your Goals, Hopes and Dreams 

Before making and attempt to an elemental weave. Practice with actual color cords or preferably the Day-Glo Rexlace.  You can weave, braid, crochet squares, knit or macramé the cords, what ever makes your feel comfortable, it is important that what you do comes to you naturally. Also the most important thing to remember is what ever process you choose, should be the process you continue to use don't jump from one process to another. Practice making things and melding the things you make. 

Colors of the Elements: 

1.East - Air - Yellow  2.South - Fire - Red  3.West - Water - Blue 4.North - Earth - Green  5.Above - Spirit - Purple 
The best way to understand the concept of every thing we do is fully integrated with Magick is by doing these two projects at the same time. To be honest with you, this will make more sense than if these steps were separated in two different articles. 

The shield will be the second most powerful tool you will ever create next to your personal pool of power. 

What ever you do, be sure to take your time in the creation of your shield. A good thing to keep in mind is that you will be updating your shield. You may want to keep a smaller permanent version. If this is the case it is best follow this format: 

This section should have Five charms or images , (needle point or appliqués are ok) that personally identifys you. In this section you should have Five to Ten charms or images that best represent your interests and hobbies. Should only have Five charms or images that best represent your past 
Find the Three charms or images that best represent your accomplishments. In this section try not to put more than Three charms or images that best represent your goals and dreams. 

Because this shield is record of or your life, make the items as personal as you wish and be sure to mount or sew then securely. I have seen some made in the form of a quilt. It is important to understand that I follow Northern European Traditions. The Native American Indians I am told do something similar on a Ceremonial breastplate. I was not able to verify this. I have noticed many traditions where Merit badges like the scouts but this is more like a Coat of Arms or Family Crest. Your shield may be any shape you chose but should not be round. 

The most important thing is to be creative and keep an open mind. 

Before you start doing anything practices making things with the Rexlace, Cord or Yarn. Also practice braiding three, four and five laces at a time. 

The reason you may want to start with the Day-Glo is to show your subconscious mind that the elemental cords glow. You can do it the traditional way of twenty-four hour fasting and meditation but to be honest with you it takes a lot of practice and patience. In the end you will have to see them in your minds eye but there is nothing wrong with speeding up the process with some visual aid. Always practice in full bright light Once you feel comfortable you are ready. 


Allow the Rexlace and pony beads absorb as much light as possible. Then find a place that you can sit with the lowest light possible perhaps, one candle on either side of you. If you chose to use a lap board to attach the beginning to be sure it is completely black. The idea here is to visualize the cords as if they are coming for above and the compass points the colors are assigned. The colors can be the same or a combination, the actual color may not be that vibrant, but this is ok as I said your only looking for the concept of the glow. 

This is because you are in a void at this time, there is nothingness. You have just received the gift of the Divine Spark from the Gods but for you, you do not truly exist because you are only now coming to your own. 

As you begin to braid the beams of light they begin to solidify into a shaft of light. Allow your mind to see this as the dawning of mankind. Notice how bright the shaft is becoming as your fingers weave the cosmic fabric of the Universe. By now you should realize that you have complete control of the cosmic order of things at your finger tips if you choose to string a pony bead (a representation of a desire or goal)  in the matrix that is your right do with this weave as you will. Once you come to the end of the shafts of light leaving some strands at the end prepare for the next step. Placing the cording on the shield.

Beginning your Shield.

Once you feel comfortable that you are able to braid with the media of your choice you are ready to begin your shield.  The two colors that must be used are the two colors blending each section of the shield.  You can if you wish blend the color of spirit as will but not recommended because it will affect everything you do from this day forward.

The consequences; 

Now it is time to pay the piper so to speak, lucky for you. you can read this entire article before starting, we had now previous knowledge what was to come. This braid is a boarder between 1 and 5 on your shield. attach it from center to top of the shield between the two colors for now. You may use pins or tacks because the shield is still a work in progress. If by chance the braid is to long to fit within the shield that is ok you can use it for the boarder of the shield. If it fits within the shield and the sections either you have a large shield or no offence you cheated. Even though you know what is about to happen you must not spoil the thrill of your Cosmic Awakening 

Because you will most likely be alone at the time that you did this ritual, you should know that you have just been taught the lesson of Your Destiny. That braid represents your entire life cycle. This is why no matter how it looks you must keep it and place it on the shield. For some because it is their first time actually braiding let alone in the dark will feel it is unsuitable do to the fact that its shape or size is off. I am not going to say no one will laugh at the piece. Just keep in mind that this is the first taste of true Magick unlike Christianity our Gods do make mistakes and so do you. We learn by or mistakes and or knowledge base grows. The same as with Magick the more you learn from it the more powerful it gets. 

The next time you sit down you may adjust the length to fit. The best way is to start from the center of the star and work your way out. Then complete the border of the shield integrating the ends of the star in the weave of the border. 

Up to this time the Gods are keeping you safe under their wing but with the completion of the shield which is why you want to finish it last you become aware that a form a defense is needed by the very sight of the shield it self. As you can see the border not only connects to the star but it separated it into five sections that represent your life. All connected by what seems to be one continuous shaft of light with no beginning or end. This is what is known as the integration of Magickal thought with the Cosmic Elements of the Universe. You have one last braid. This braid is the most important braid you will do in your entire life. For now you are under the protection of the Gods. No negativity or evil can come within a solar system to you. This braid is the braid that will encircle shield. There is no need to ask for help in the making of it just know that it is the Lord and Lady themselves teaching you how to create this circle there for it is safe. 

Before the circle is completed around the shield set up the area where you plan to do your work. if possible have is completely bare if your alter area is already set up this is ok but pretend it is not.. Stand in the walk around the circle starting where you braid starts and ending where the braid ends. Due to the difference in size in all honesty you should be in the same proximity that you started. Complete the circle around the shield first.

Now is the time to permanently attach the braiding/ lacing to the shield. It is best to stitch the cording but fabric glue can be used or a combination of both just to be on the safe side also if you glue it first there is a better chance of it lining up  Then the actual circle. Imagine at this time the Gods and Goddesses have hard wired or in grated not only the purpose of the circle but the opening and closing ritual to make and disperse the circle you are now standing in. for this you thank them and at this time you well ask a God or Goddesses to represent an element and help guide and stand guard when ever you cast this circle. Once that is done do your closing ritual for you no longer have the complete protection of the Gods. After you are done and the power of the circle is released, do now arrogantly exit the circle. The Gods are still encircling you to watch you take your first step. Be fore you walk out of the circle take one hesitant step then walk out confidently. This is a symbolic gesture but one that must be done to acknowledge the fact that it is with the help of the Gods that you were able integrate your life force the cosmic energy of the Universe. 

It is not nesesary when placing items on the sheild to do so in a magick circle, however it is important to clense and concecarte them.  then they are ready to be placed on the sheild. The Shield may be placed on the wall if you like. the shield will always by protected by the magickal circle that it is within, no harm can ever come to it as long as the circle remains unbroken. 

I realize this was a lengthy article so I will end here, if you have any questions I will be glad answerer them.