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Your Aura
The Matrix

Before I start it is important to know a little about your Aura.

Numerology will help give you the Key to understanding the concept. Please look into the meanings before you go on.

Your body naturally emits an energy field. The scientific community dismisses them as natural occurring electro-synaptical brain transmissions and body heat. This energy field is you're in reality your Aura . For those who don't study Numerology, please understand this information is for the use of Auras only.

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, J=10, K=11, L=12, M=13, N=14, O=15, P=16, Q=17, R=18, S=19, T=20, U=21, V=22, W=23, X 24, Y=25, 26=Z

To find the foundation colors of your aura first:

Get the Numeric Value of each name by getting the numeric value of each letter and add them. If the total has two digits add them. The key is to simplify to one digit. Example:

WILL = W=23+I=9+L=12+L12=56 = 5+6 =11 = 1+1 = 2 = Red

Notice Numbers 2-7 are the Colors of the Rainbow.
1 - Opalescent - more of a clear multi-color hazy than milky
2 - Red - health, energy, life-force, strength, sex, danger, suffering.
3 - Orange - renewal, restoration, energy, drive, zest.
4 - Yellow - intelligence, imagination, the power of thought, art
5 - Green - abundance, good fortune, generosity, new beginnings.
6 - Blue - truth, nobility, inspiration, wisdom, protection
7 - Violet - healing, higher psychic mind, royalty, power, idealism
8-- Silver - cleanser, psychic power, divine priestess
9 - Gold - sun, fire, physical effort, divine law.
It is vital go by two names, then those two colors are your base colors or your Aura. By example I personally use the first initial of my first name full Middle name and then my last name. Always have but only because of the fact that my dad and I have the same first name. Once I learned the basic concepts of numerology I understood why I didn't drop the first initial altogether.

Strengthening your Aura

The best example I can give you on is to think of a rubber band. Each time you carefully stretch it, it is easier to stretch with out breaking.

The reason you want to strengthen your Aura is because it is a personal field that is yours and yours alone. By strengthening it and controlling it you guarantee not only that no-one can use it against you by the use of color magic (Cord or Candle) Magick. In a sense you create not only a Magickal but a natural force field or Shield.

You want to see the colors spinning around you. If you have a hard time visualizing this go to a Nature shop or Game Store and by a Gyro, not a top or kaleidoscope, or go to a Kite Store and by a spinner. The spinner you want to buy is the basket type, three tier or two tier depending on the length of your name or buy each basket small to big and make your own. The reason for this is it important for your subconscious mind to understand the concept of the spinning spheres.

The preparation for this self guided relaxation should be no different than usual, with the exception that your intent will be to visualize your Aura .

Relax mentally as you usually do for your self guided relaxations, it is best to either stand or lie down so it you normally do your meditation in a sitting or a yoga position it is not advised at this time .

Once your mind and body is at peace, sense your Aura see it clearly in your mind.

Extend your Aura slowly about three inches beyond its boundary. This is done like blowing up a balloon only uniformly as if from the center out. Take your time. You can stop any time you want, be aware that you must leave yourself enough time and energy to bring the guided relaxation to a close.

The idea is to eventually be able to allow your Aura extend the distance of your outstretched arms. Eventually it will grow even larger,  it is best if you can create a round sphere in which you are at the center.

Do not allow your first time to last to long.

When the time comes to end the relaxation do not shrink the Aura allow it to remain extended . It won't stay extended to long but it is best to allow it to revert naturally.

Once you have mastered your control of your own Aura, you should be able to do this exercise any time any place. Because the extension of your Aura comes from within the inner core of your very being there is not much danger of negative energy sneaking in. This does not mean you don't have to request the presence of the Lord and Lady or thank them for the use of their power. To the contrary always acknowledge the Lord and Lady. They will not let you down even when you forget them. Consider the idea that it is to the best advantage of Pagan community to reintroduce Chivalry.